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TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical Production Team Confirms Kickstarter Over Traditional Investment

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

The production team of TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical have today confirmed their decision to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary capital to launch the show's initial run Off-Broadway in 2019.

Explaining the decision to choose this method of funding over traditional investment, the show's writer and lead producer, Ben Fletcher, today said; "With crowdfunding becoming a more popular way to find projects across all sectors, it seemed a natural choice to explore for TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical. Certainly while Off-Broadway, our preference is to be able to reinvest returns in order to bring the show to as wide an audience as possible, and so after careful consideration, we have decided to go with crowdfunding over a more traditional method of funding through investment - a process which alone can take a considerable amount of time."

Commenting on the expected timeframe for the launching of the campaign, associate producer, Josh Lander, expects the project to be live on Kickstarter within the next "five to six weeks."


An original take on the reign of the forty-fifth president written by Ben Fletcher, TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical is a two-act satirical play that parodies the 2016 Presidential Election campaign of Donald J. Trump and his subsequent first year in office as "the most powerful man in the world".

From Eric Trump to Anderson Cooper, Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama, John Oliver to Sarah Palin, TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical satirizes the faces you know from all sides.

Featuring 62 individual characters and hundreds of individual jokes, gags, puns and satirical one-liners presented by a company of fifteen, TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical is a show where no-one is spared.