• An Alternative Musical

The United States of America — A Dictatorial President, and a Government Shutdown. Kind of Dark, no?

Dear The American People,

Hello. You may know me as… well, you probably won’t know me, but that’s okay because I probably don’t know you either. I just wanted to say on behalf of the TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical team that we all find what is happening in the United States nowadays truly repulsive. But we’d like to offer the people of this country an “alternative” ending to this billionaire’s narcissistic saga. With impending impeachment (please let it be impending), in this time of twisted tails, we’ve put together a stage play to wrap up all of these troubling times in a nice three-hour theatrical package all tied up in a beautiful bow. It also has an interval too, it’s just after the moment where Trump becomes President so that you can go take a few minutes to learn how to breathe again.

You may have already heard of us here at TRUMPED — we’re the ones trying to teach the cough*President*cough that even he isn’t immune to the world of comedy. Late night comedians across the country work tirelessly to bring us visual takedowns of our dear leader direct to our television screens, but now it’s time that this was taken to the stage. Give Mr. Donald “Jenius” Trump a Christmas present he’ll never be able to forget by making plans this holiday season to support our show in the new year.

On January 4th — the first Friday of 2019 — is when we’ll be launching our new Kickstarter campaign to bring the show to the world of Off-Broadway. We ask of you that if you like the sound of what we’re doing, then you have your pledge to our campaign ready when we kick things off. The President wants to have his name etched in history, and we’re sure that he’ll never be able to erase the way our script and company of fifteen will render him and etch in his own (we even looked at getting it etched into a mountain but it’s quite long and apparently may be illegal). To make this project a success though, we need your help — for the price of a cup of coffee, just a few dollars (pre-tariff, of course), you can play your part to help stick it to the President in 2019!

Over the past few months, we’ve been lucky to gain traction across America — reaching over three million curious individuals such as yourself via Twitter alone. It is certainly possible then that you may have come across our previous Kickstarter campaign that was launched last month when we began asking for pledges and help to get the message out. Alas, this first campaign is no more as we’ve decided to take it down to allow for some rebranding, remodeling, and refining — we’re method producers and there’s no way we could ever hope to bring you a true portrayal of this current administration without our first attempt going completely wrong. But in just a few weeks time we will be back with a new improved campaign, a clear message, and all the determination in the world to bring this show to people just like you. So why not help us show this President exactly what the country (and the world) thinks of him? — because no amount of (claimed) wealth or corruption can ever keep him safe from satire.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my theatre coming from the White House and U.S. Government — I’d rather it came from an actual stage. But remember, while the President might be our primary satirical target (he’s the one we like the least), this is a show which leaves no one unscathed, and truly is a comedy for everyone along the political spectrum. 

We’ll be back with links to our new campaign on January 4th when our new campaign goes live, but until then I invite you to check out our website, share the message and ask us questions — we’re not a bunch of Twitter bots and you can get in touch with any of the TRUMPED production team by following us on Twitter or sending us an email.

Sincerely, and with wishes that you have a prosperous new year,

Brianna Bennett

Producer, TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical

PRESS CONTACT sophia.smith@analternativemusical.com press@analternativemusical.com

WEBSITE analternativemusical.com/press twitter.com/TrumpedPlay

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An original take An original take on the reign of the forty-fifth president written by Ben Fletcher, TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical is a two-act satirical play that parodies the 2016 Presidential Election campaign of Donald J. Trump and his subsequent first year in office as "the most powerful man in the world”.

From Eric Trump to Anderson Cooper, Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama, John Oliver to Sarah Palin, TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical satirizes the faces you know from all sides.

Featuring 62 individual characters and hundreds of individual jokes, gags, puns and satirical one-liners presented by a company of fifteen, TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical is a show where no-one is spared.

TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical is due to premiere in New York City Off-Broadway in 2019.